What is the minimum age for volunteering?

All volunteers must be over the age of 18 by the start date of their trip.

Do I get a certificate after my stay?

Yes, you do. After finishing your volunteer programme we will send you an official confirmation about your length of stay and your duties. This document can be used for your CV and is great proof of your time abroad and social commitment.

Do I get credits for university?

Some universities do. Just go and ask in the international office. We are very willing to support your request for ETCS.

Why do I have to pay to be a volunteer?

Being a volunteer in Africa is not a thrifty endeavor and oftentimes to cultivate real growth and development, more than just time and effort is needed. All of our projects are directly funded by our volunteers and without this source of funding, kululeku couldn´t move forward. In addition, because our volunteer initiatives take place in Mozambique, a remote region of the world, food, lodging, and transportation are all necessary elements in sustaining a successful volunteer venture. Kululeku also rewards our volunteers for their hard work by providing all the greatest adventure opportunities the region has to offer.

Who picks us up from the airport?

Our in-country kululeku guides will pick you up from the airport Vilanculos and bring you to our accommodation. If you fly in to Maputo, please read here for more information.

How can I get to know the people in my group before the program?

If you want, we will connect you with other volunteers on your trip date via private Facebook groups for your Trip! 

How do I apply?

You can apply online here! Check your inbox right after applying for an email to make sure we received your application and/or it didn’t go to spam. You’ll receive a response to your application within 3 business days!

What are the requirements to apply? Can anyone apply to be a volunteer?

Absolutely – We welcome anyone with an urge to travel and a heart to volunteer to apply for our trip!

While our demographic is primarily volunteers aged 20-35, we welcome people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to join us in Africa! If you’d like to talk to us about applying give us a call at kululeku Skype and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have! 

How long are the volunteer trips?

Trip length can vary depending on if you choose to do the standard volunteer trip or extend your time abroad by doing of our Trip Add-on’s!

Do you have to be a student to volunteer?

No way, anyone is welcome! Our only requirement is that volunteers are over the age of 18 by the start date of the trip, but we encourage everyone who has a passion for travel and giving back to apply! 

Why should I volunteer with kululeku?

Kululeku is a self-financed social organization, which has its roots in Europe and Africa; Munich and Vilanculos. Kululeku volunteer organization unites international volunteering with adventure travel to create a meaningful volunteer experience abroad. kululeku provides unique cultural encounters to cultivate personal growth and development, creating an unparalleled experience while transforming our volunteers and host communities, one trip at a time. Kululeku offers an invaluable experience personally tailored to each volunteer, closing the gap between our volunteers and local communities. We maintain low group numbers so volunteers can get to know their kululeku guides and the local community members. Our volunteers work side-by-side with guides and locals, establishing close relationships that continue past the excursion. kululeku holds true to our mission, and we want each volunteer to have a unique, life-changing experience on our excursions.

Our mission is our philosophy that guides us daily: To inspire sustainable growth, empower global citizens, and ignite long-lasting change worldwide.

Why should I volunteer abroad?

There are numerous reasons why thousands of people from all over the world volunteer abroad each year. You may have a drive to travel, desire to give back to improve people’s lives, passion to learn a new language, or want to connect with new, open-minded people. By volunteering, you will impact the lives of others less privileged in their local communities. Through your daily work and interactions with members of the local community, you’ll gain a better understanding of their culture as well as the issues that affect their lives. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself and make long-lasting friendships as you take on the challenge of living and working in a completely new environment.

Who are the kululeku guides?

Our kululeku guides are experienced guides with extensive knowledge of the host country. They have cultural, language, safety, and emergency first response training. They are personable and supportive of the volunteers throughout the entire kululeku experience.

We couldn’t answer all your questions?

Feel free to contact us any time!